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Shipping time 2-4 days
Color: dark oak/blush green hunter/dark oak chocolate/sand iron/baby blue vanila/blush


Simplicity and elegance, a classic in retro style, is a characteristic of Danish BIBS.

Pacifier with calming tip made of natural hevea rubber for newborns and infants.

The soother is made of organic rubber, making it completely safe for children. The size of the pacifier is suitable for newborns from the first day of life.

100% safe
100% organic
does not contain BPA 0%
does not contain PVC 0%
does not contain phthalates 0%
Made in Denmark
age: 0+
size: S

2 pacifiers in box

The BIBS teats are durable, soft and flexible, so that the baby feels as if sucking Mum's breast with adequate ventilation while sucking. The casing was profiled so as not to touch the mouth and beard of the baby, thus preventing redness, pustules, efflorescence, bacterial outbreaks or more serious skin infections. The cover also has holes so that baby easily breathes while holding the dummy in the mouth.

Each element of the pacifier was designed in cooperation with neonantologists, thanks to which a complete anatomical ergonomy appropriate for a given developmental age of baby was obtained.


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