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The Solvej swing, straight from New Zealand, is a beautiful and timeless toy that makes every child happy and also positively affects its development. Scientific research shows that swinging helps in the formation of connections between neurons and expand the child's intellectual potential. In addition, swinging calms the nervous system, developing its part responsible for sense of balance and motor coordination. 

Solvej swing is suitable for home and outdoor use, as it was created from high quality materials resistant to weather conditions. The timeless, natural design and color palette makes the swing a stylish accessory for every home and garden.

The swing will serve the child for several years. It transforms from a baby swing to a toddler swing. Suitable from about 6 moths to 6 years (from the moment the child sits firmly, up to 40 kg). To transform the swing, simply unfasten the middle panel.

The swing is equipped with a safety belt. Wooden beads are colored with non-toxic paint. The swing covers safety standards of Australia, North America and Europe.

All swings are covered with a 9-year guarantee 


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