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Beaba Babycook® Neo grey/white


Beaba Babycook® Neo

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It uses as many as 4 patented solutions:

1. Steam modulation during cooking with its use - thanks to which the dishes are tasty and, above all, healthy, because their valuable nutritional values and vitamins are preserved. This is especially important during the transition of the child from liquid to solid meals, but also for older children. In addition, proper steam control reduces energy consumption.

2. The Sabatier Diamant double stainless steel blade - safe, hygienic and easy to install, even with one hand, and much more durable and efficient. Thanks to it, in the Babycook® Neo mixer you can quickly prepare a meal of any desired consistency, from ground into a soup (very finely chopped ingredients) or puree (finely chopped ingredients) to only delicately crushed pieces, e.g. meat. In this way, you can easily adjust the density of food to the current stage of your child's development.

3. Ergonomic jug made of the highest quality glass with a handy handle, which allows the lid to be fully opened with one simple movement ("easy clip" system) - it is convenient to use and guarantees safe and healthy heating or defrosting, hygienic and odorless, as well as maintenance for a long time final meal temperature. The large capacity of the jug - 1250 ml - allows you to prepare a larger amount of a meal at a time, e.g. dinner for several days in advance.

4. A stainless steel (stainless) basket - with a capacity of 1000 ml (or 4 portions of 150 g) is an ecological and reliable vessel, thanks to which the processing of food has become over 30% faster, which saves not only time, but also the energy used and water resources.
The Babycook® Neo device is compact, which makes it easy to take it with you when needed, e.g. on vacation. It is also perfect for a small kitchen. Ergonomics and comfort are also ensured by the ability to operate the equipment with one hand (every mother knows how practical it is).

Babycook® Beaba is the essence of French innovation. This equipment has received a number of awards. He was awarded, among others, in Russia and Germany (2013) and in France (2015), as well as in the United Kingdom, where he won the plebiscites of Practical Pareting & Pregnancy, Junior Design Awards, Baby & Pregnancy Awards, Mums & Tots Awards and Best Baby & Toddler Gear. 7 million copies sold in the last 30 years! Babycook® Beaba is the world leader among kitchen appliances for preparing meals for children.

Specification of Babycook® Neo:

- glass jug capacity - 1250 ml

- steel basket capacity - 1000 ml

- cooking time: less than 10 minutes

- stainless steel base

- non-heating casing, protecting against burns

- security (the device will not start if the jug is not installed correctly)

- automatic shutdown at the end of work, accompanied by an audible signal

- hygienic: the possibility of washing all elements (except the base with a power cord) in the dishwasher, the base should be washed with a damp cloth, do not immerse in water!

- clear measure of water and scale indicator

- care for the environment (50% less energy and water consumption, 48% less CO2 emissions compared to the previous Babycook® model).

5-year warranty *

Material: stainless steel, glass, silicone, BPA free

Dimensions: 290 x 239 x 236 mm

Weight: 1.515 kg

Shipping time 2-5 working days. You can read more about returns and complaints here.

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Beaba Babycook® Neo

Beaba Babycook® Neo

Regular price €225,00 EUR Sale price €225,00 EUR
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