About Us

We are sisters and young mothers. One of us is a strict mind, a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. The second is an artistic soul, a typical dreamer after goldsmith academy. We are completely different, but we complement each other and we keep together, especially since motherhood united us.

We have long dreamed of uniting forces and using our parental experience to create a place where other mothers will find unique and selected goods for themselves and their babies. This is how our bébé concept was born.

We know how important it is to complete a perfect and thoughtful layette, and what is the importance of choosing the appropriate toys that support the safe, healthy development of our children from the first days of life. We also remember how important it is to spoil ourselves

every day with small pleasures - hence the department for women.

Everything you can find here are products of the highest quality, natural, combining functionality and beauty. These are sophisticated and proven things that we can recommend to all mothers with a clear conscience.

We are glad that you found us! We invite for shopping!

Olga & Marta


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