cradle mat made of ecological lamb leather relugan

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Extremely soft, fluffy and wrapping insert for the cradle / Moses basket / stroller was designed specifically for newborns and babies. Thanks to the excellent air permeability and thermoregulation properties of sheep's wool, we are sure that the child will not be cold in the winter, and will not overheat even on hot days.

Another extremely important advantage of lamb skin is its antibacterial and self-cleaning properties. Lanolin secreted by relugan is an ideal barrier against dust and mites. Completely prevents the development of parasites. It can be said that it "repels dirt" along with viruses and bacteria. In addition, it neutralizes the operation of negative magnetic fields (eg wifi).

You can put children with exceptionally sensitive and delicate skin or allergies on relugan. It does not irritate and is antiallergic, and even soothes skin inflammation.

The insole after unpacking may have a delicate sheep's odor, but over time takes over the fragrances of the environment in which it is located. We recommend that the mother sleeps a few nights cuddled to the skin, so that she passes on her fragrance. Thanks to this, the baby will feel safe and comfortable on it. The insert after folding is very light and small, which is why it will be perfect for trips and during accommodation outside the home, guaranteeing a peaceful sleep fot the little one.

Relugan leather is made in a completely natural way, without the use of chemicals, chromium compounds and other harmful ingredients. The result of this machining process is its unusual yellow color. It is safe and healthy for children from the first day of life.

The skin is very easy to keep clean. Every now and then, it's enough to shake and ventilate it, and in addition to comb the bristles for softness. You can also serve it a solar bath.

length ~ 80 cm; width ~ 53 cm


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