hand-woven 'nap & pack' baby basket

Design Dua
Shipping time 2-4 days
Color: natural shea black star black diamond kono diamond


Hand-woven Nap & Pack basket from the American brand Design Dua is already a cult element of the layette.

Design Dua baskets are 100% handmade from dried "elephant grass" and each of them is the result of several days of work by local African artists. The purchase of this ethically acquired, environmentally friendly moses basket helps to strengthen these talented craftsmen in their own enterprises, supports sustainable development, preserving traditional craftsmanship and promoting ethical products and work practices.

Design Dua Nap & Pack Basket is a beautiful and functional addition to every layette. It will serve the baby from birth to around 7-9 months of age, then it can turn into a stylish storage basket or a doll cot. It will be a unique complement to the interior.

The mattress is included in the price.

All Design Dua products are certified and have safety certificates.

Each basket is one of a kind.

Basket: approx. l.75 cm x w.40 cm x h.25 cm

Weight: approx. 3 kg


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