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Kit & Kin
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Biodegradable, eco-friendly disposable diapers of the British brand Kit & Kin.

Made from 100% natural materials, safe from the first moments of life. They are extremely absorbent and hypoallergenic. The skin of a child can breathe freely in them and there is no contact with harmful chemical substances. The production process did not use chlorine, bleach, phthalates, latex, artificial fragrances and the most popular allergens added to popular disposable diapers.

Safe for children and environmentally friendly!

Kit & Kin diapers received a positive opinion of dermatologists, pediatricians and midwives. To create their absorbent layer, much less chemical substances were used than used for the production of popular diapers of leading brands. This is what distinguishes Kit & Kin diapers on the market. They are the best choice, taking into account disposable diapers. Delicate, sensitive, allergic and problematic skin, Maluszka can finally "breathe". A natural choice for eczema, psoriasis, AD, diaper dermatitis or rashes and allergic reactions.

Kit & Kin also protects the environment. Conventional diapers are the third largest group of waste on landfills, although only 5% of the population use them! This is shocking data, because in the UK alone, 8 million diapers are consumed daily ... Their biodegradation will take over 500 years. Almost every piece of Kit & Kin diaper - including its packaging - will be biodegradable within 3 to 6 years.

Kit & Kin loves animals and does not want them to suffer! The company is a proud member of PETA. By buying products free from cruelty, you can help save many animals from testing and suffering. The products have the Cruelty Free certificate.


1 / mini / 2-6 kg / 40 items

2 / midi / 5-8 kg / 40 items

3 / maxi / 7-11 kg / 34 items

4 / maxi + / 9-15 kg / 34 items

* pattern chosen randomly


Outer layer: plant materials derived from sustainable crops and a waterproof layer of polyethylene.

Inner layer: polypropylene (polypropylene / PLA), organic chemical compound

Absorbent element: unbleached chlorine plant pulp

Security "frills": polypropylene (polypropylene), organic chemical compound

Flexible fastening: polyurethane


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