breast shaped baby bottle 120ml

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The Mimijumi Not So Hungry bottle has been designed for situations where it is advisable to switch the child from breastfeeding to mixed or bottled feeding.

It is at times when there is a need for support, supplementation or replacement of breastfeeding by bottle feeding, Mimijumi perfectly fulfills its role.

Mimijumi designers wanted to create a bottle that would be similar to the mother's breast with both the texture of the material used and the color. Mimijumi's teat was created by doctors, nurses, lactation experts and mother. The design of the bottle is based on the physiological dynamics of feeding, the teat is delicate and pleasant to touch, reminiscent of a female breast.

The anti-colic system integrated in the innovative soother prevents the formation of pressure in the bottle, which could cause the child to stop sucking and swallow air, which can lead to painful and disturbing bloating. Thanks to the applied solution, the occurrence of colic decreases, eliminating malaise and improving digestion in an infant.

The MIMIJUMI bottle is made of high quality plastic, which is transparent as glass, but safer for the baby. It has been developed in Switzerland for medical use, it has all the certificates required for materials that have direct contact with food. This material does not contain bisphenol A (BPA) or latex.

The Mimijumi bottle teat was made only of the safest silicones and plastics suitable for contact with food. The soft-paced soother with a targeted structure was designed to imitate the mother's breasts in appearance and feel.

• before the first use, boil all parts of the bottle for 10 minutes to sterilize them
• check and pull the pacifier in all directions before each use; do not use the pacifier if it is cracked, torn or damaged in any other way; never use the pacifier as a sedative
• for hygienic reasons it is recommended to change the teat after 3 months
• during feeding, the child should always be under the supervision of an adult; uninterrupted and sucking for too long causes tooth decay
• the bottle must not be put in the microwave

120 ml capacity

MIMIJUMI products were produced in Austria from the highest quality materials from Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. They meet the requirements of EN 14350 and all provisions of the US Act on Improving the Safety of Consumer Products (CPSIA)

• easy opening and washing
• the venting system prevents pins
• one-piece teat - less cleaning parts and easier assembly
• non-slip base

• bottle NOT SO HUNGRY 120 ml
• slow flow pacifier
• teat soother that ensures hygiene and prevents spillage
• rubber base to prevent the bottle from moving and tipping over

We would like to remind you that breastfeeding is the best and cheapest way of feeding babies. The mother's milk best suits the needs of the baby because it contains all the necessary ingredients to ensure the proper development of the child and its protection against diseases. However, it is not always natural or only natural feeding that is possible. If you decide to change your diet and choose the most suitable milk, consult a pediatrician.


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