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Moses basket - safe and peaceful sleep for a newborn baby


One of the first questions we ask ourselves while completing a layette for a child (at least that's how it was in our case) is "where will the baby sleep?". Safe and restful sleep is one of the primary concerns of the future parent. That is why we decided to start the bébé concept blog with an article dedicated to the moses baskets.

The moses basket is already a very popular element of the layette chosen by future mothers. No wonder - the list of advantages of having it is really long :)

Design Dua Bilia basket & Snuggle Me Organic lounger
Design Dua Bilia basket & Snuggle Me Organic lounger

Each of our children is very different from each other, and we have a total of three of them (Marta is the mother of 3-year-old Tadzio and 7-month-old Wanda, Olga of 2-year-old Gaja). Each has a completely different temperament, different character, and therefore was also different as a baby. Nevertheless, we found a common feature of their early habits - the three hated sleeping in a classic bed with rungs in the neonatal period.

According to the instructions of the doctors, the baby's cot should not be filled in with pillows, protectors and other gadgets at the beginning, because it may cause a suffocation. Therefore, such a typical baby bed becomes a large empty space, definitely too "open" for a small human, used to a cozy, tight mother's belly. The best answer to the need to securely limit space and create ideal sleeping conditions for a newborn baby is the moses basket.

Moses basket is sized so that the infant feels pleasantly wrapped in it. In addition, its walls slightly darken the light and limit the stimulation coming from the outside, which also soothes the baby.

Design Dua Nap & Pack basket
Design Dua Nap & Pack basket

In addition, moses basket is the ideal solution for a child's nap during the day. It is light and mobile, so you can easily place it close to you (eg on the sofa, in the kitchen or in the bathroom) and have a child in sight. At night, the basket can stand right next to our bed, so that your baby will feel our presence and be able to sleep peacefully.

There are more advantages of having a moses basket. It is best to choose a basket made by hand from natural, ecological materials (LINK). Thanks to this, you can be sure that the newborn does not inhale harmful substances that may be contained in the paint or materials used to make a classic bed. In addition, it is a really beautiful complement to the interior. After about 6-7 months, when the child grows out of the basket, you can use it as a stylish doll bed or a basket for toys.

A great supplement to the moses basket is the baby nest/lounger. The market-leading product of this type is the nest of Snuggle Me Organic, loved by mums around the world. The moses basket in a duet with Snuggle Me Organic care for the child's peaceful sleep, creating a very cozy and soothing conditions similar to those known to a baby from the mother's belly.

Design Dua Bilia basket & Snuggle Me Organic lounger
Design Dua Bilia basket & Snuggle Me Organic lounger

This is our first article of this type, but we hope that this and subsequent posts on the bébé concept blog, supported by our motherly experiences, will be useful and will help more than one future mum in completing the perfect layette for a baby.

Marta & Olga


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