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Have fun under quarantine

With the recent situation, we are now forced to spend a lot of time at home, despite the lovely spring weather. Nurseries, kindergartens and playgrounds are also closed meaning that we, parents (often still working remotely), have to take care of our children all day. This is not always as easy as we would like it to be. Children are very active, curious and constantly need new activities. Providing the right amount of creativity, especially in the prolonged period of home quarantine, can be a challenge.

But here we come to the rescue to all the parents seeking inspiration for valuable, creative and cheerful way of spending time with children at home!

We have reviewed all the toys that we offer and created a list of interesting activities that will absorb your kids for long hours, including yourself.

Fun for the youngest

For the newborns and babies, we suggest using sensory toys that will allow them to explore the world of sounds, structures and shapes. They will also help them improve newly acquired skills. Good examples of interesting toys are those by Main Sauvage, their hanging rattles in the shape of clouds, leaves and animals are made of delicate and hypoallergenic Alpaca wool. They will stimulate babies’ imagination and will become one of the first objects they will follow. A good alternative is a wooden sensory pendant with a whisper by Heimess, which can be hung over the cot. By looking at it, the baby develops his sight.

książeczka Petit Point

A unique, rustling and soft sensory book by Petit Point made of certified cotton may become the baby’s first opportunity to explore the beauty of literature and illustration with all senses! Wee Gallery’s baby animals contrast cards will also be useful for visual stimulation. Their simple patterns and black and white colors make them well suitable for the cognitive capabilities of newborns.

A perfect physical activity for newborns are a Baby Gym educational stand by &Me. It will stimulate his imagination and provide opportunities to reach for suspended objects. A great way to have fun with babies that can already sit, would be an educational toy One2five

Drewniany płotek wooden story

For one-year-olds, we recommend ecological toys by Wooden Story. A natural wooden pyramid will give them plenty of creative fun. Its blocks can be rolled across the floor allowing the discovery of the law of physics; they can also be arranged in various configurations, developing imagination and small motor skills. A natural wooden shape sorter box helps your toddlers develop spatial imagination and give many valuable opportunities to make mistakes and look for solutions on their own. A natural wooden stacking toy will train their skills of arranging towers using various shaped blocks, and thus improve their eye-hand coordination.

Pretend game and role-playing activities, great for toddlers

Role-playing activities are invaluable for all toddlers. They stimulate their imagination, help to understand new situations and allow them to safely repeat behaviors observed while watching the adults. You don't need many toys to organize such a game, so it is worth investing in a few top-quality ones to encourage regular play.

drewniany parking aiden

For young automotive enthusiasts, we recommend a “city activity” – you will need a three-level wooden Aiden car park by Kids Concept, equipped with an elevator, a helicopter and three cars. The car park consists of movable elements, giving children the opportunity to develop their motor skills. A good alternative is the Aiden wooden workshop with car wash.

For young entrepreneurs, Kids Concept created a wooden Bistro cash register and a toy food set. These amazingly well-made toys will help your children develop their imagination. They will also encourage them to take their first steps in maths by counting money they receive and by giving away products that were purchased.

A toy belt with wooden tools from Plan Toys will allow our children to become our little handymen while a toy dental office can make them interested in teeth, body and hygiene, which is ever so important today! A toy make-up set and a wooden hairdresser set, also from Plan Toys, will be a great opportunity to imitate what adults do and also a good excuse to talk about appearance.

Playing house with dolls 

Spending more time at home is a great opportunity for….. playing house! If your toddler likes to look after others or you want him to start doing so, it's worth investing in the beautiful dolls by the Spanish company Miniland. The girl and boy dolls, available in two sizes and in four versions of skin tone (European, Asian, Latin and African), draw your children’s attention to the diversity of the world around us and teach them how their bodies are built. They are also a great excuse to repeat behavior observed in parents, for example towards younger siblings.

lalki Miniland

A valuable addition to your Miniland doll will be a rattan-bamboo Kuku bed for dolls by the Scandinavian company Ferm Living. This beautifully made toy can also be used to store beloved stuffed animals. At the same time, it will be a stylish and elegant addition to any interior. A hand-woven rattan doll stroller Strolley from Olli Ella, which can be easily turned into a wheelbarrow carrying treasures, will also add to the fun. It is a good option even for very young children, as it can successfully replace a pusher!

wózek dla lalek olli ella

Activities for everyone – wooden blocks and their variations

If there is one type of toy that is attractive for everyone regardless of age (and we're not just talking about children), it’s blocks. They give endless inspiration, develop motor skills and spatial imagination, and in addition children never get tired of them. Hand-made wooden blocks in a sack (100 pieces) or wooden blocks in a box (54 pieces) from Wooden Story are eye-catching with their natural colors. Additionally, they really smell of forest! They help to discover the laws of physics and stimulate children’s interest in constructions.

Drewniane klocki

Classic blocks building can be enriched with a wooden Apartment building blocks set and wooden puzzles Arch, Mountains and Waterfall by the Russian company Raduga Grez. These blocks of various shapes will be an interesting addition to your toddlers’ constructions and will make them look for new forms.

Educational activities for all family

Long hours spent at home can be a great opportunity for family games which teach co-operation, introduce elements of competition and prepare children to deal with these difficult aspects of life. Cluck! Cluck! Fox! by a Spanish company Londji will surely be fun for the whole family. It is a fantastic entertainment for players from the age of three; its goal is to help the farmer in defending the henhouse against a hungry fox, and the way to achieve the goal is by co-operating with all players. An interesting form of card game offered by Londji is Animal Big Band game – it is also a great excuse to learn about musical instruments.

puzzle mapa świata

Jigsaw puzzles are another great activity which develops small motor skills and spatial imagination. For the youngest family members, we recommend Puzzle 49 elements from Londji (Cats and Dogs), as well as Puzzle 36 elements I want to be … Fireman. 10 Penguins Puzzle will be great to learn numbers and names of animals.

For those who are a little more experienced in jigsaw puzzles, we recommend the 200 elements puzzle World Map. Assembled, it gives a beautiful graphical picture of our planet. Additional tokens (buildings, animals and characters) can be used to mark different elements on the map.


Music-making is yet another great way to spend time at home. Children love music; playing with sounds develops their imagination and sense of rhythm. Wooden drums by Plan Toys, will be good aids for such games. A small wooden flute by Goki will also be of great help. A completely unique proposition is My First Bird Call Set from Quelle Est Belle – a hand-made set of wooden whistles and pipes, which allows you to imitate the sounds of nature.

zabawkowa perkusja

Physical activities for kids

Staying at home also means less physical activity, which can be a big problem for children who love to run around playgrounds or play football every day. It is also a challenge for their parents, as they know that every child must get tired in order to be hungry, sleep well and develop! Fortunately, there are toys that address this problem. 

For toddlers, babies being helped by parents and for parents themselves, we recommend the latest hit! The Wobbel Original wooden balancing board with felt is a well-designed toy which supports motor skills, improves coordination and concentration, teaches patience and encourages perseverance. It soothes emotions, calms down, gives a sense of security and allows children to feel good in their own bodies. In addition, it can become a cradle for dolls, a comfortable seat, a platform, a track for cars, a table – all depending on your child's imagination.

deska do balansowania Wobbel

Sport activities are a fun idea for all family members. We suggest you try out a wooden cricket set and a game of throwing rings from Plan Toys. Our selection ends a natural wooden bowling set from Wooden Story, which trains precision and efficiency.

Staying at home can be inspiring and creative!

Staying at home does not need to be burdensome for children or parents. All you need is a desire to have fun together and a few inspiring toys, which the child will not get tired of. These are exactly the products we offer you at bébé concept – beautifully made, ecological and educational. Thanks to them, our children will spend creative quarantine time, as well as every ordinary afternoon or weekend when they have to stay at home. Those toys will help them develop new skills and will contribute to shaping their sense of beauty. If we surround our children with beautiful objects, beauty will become natural for them and they will instinctively choose beautiful objects on their own, shaping an even more exciting world around us.


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