baby gym + hangers

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Loullou Baby Gym will wake up your toddler's imagination and encourage him to explore the world.

Suspend your baby's favorite pendant toys or hangers and let them play freely - this will develop movement coordination and other senses.

The educational stand is made of 12 mm thick birch plywood coming from FSC-certified suppliers in the EU. It is not "poisoned" with toxic paints or varnish. It is a simple, easy to build and extremely aesthetic design created without the use of screws or glue.

The height of the stand is measured so that the child can easily reach suspended toys.

In the set with the stand there are 5 hanging toys that stimulate the child in a natural way. Minimalist pendants made of natural materials (wood, wool) resemble a dreamy sky in the form of stars, moon, clouds, raindrops and a rainbow.

Dimensions: 45 cm x 45 cm 75 cm

Suggested age: +2 months

Made in Denmark


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