baby crib with co-sleeping option

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A Bednest is not only beautiful to see, but has been designed with care to offer you and your baby the best during the first months. It fits all beds box spring and slatted.

A Bednest includes a quality mattress, transparent and breathable side panels, safety straps, foldable cradle and stand. It is transported in a reinforced transport box.

To complete your Bednest, you may choose additional accessories such as the organic mattress, travel bag and various bed sheets.

The mattress has a cold foam filling with detachable cover. The mattress measurements are: length 82 cm, With 37 cm and thickness 4 cm

A Bednest is made of high-quality birch, remarkable to Bednest are its bend wooden parts. This ensures the unique appearance of a Bednest. The wood used is FSC certified and has a water-based lacquer coat. Bednest is manufactured in Europe. The breathable sides are washable and can be folded down on both sides. The frame height is adjustable in over 70 different positions and in addition may be set under an angle. Ideal in case your child has reflux or a cold! The Bednest can be used in combination with all beds such as a box spring or slatted of which the top of the mattress lies between 30 cm and 66 cm. With the safety straps a Bednest is secured to any parental bed, but is easily detached when needed.

Why Bednest is the best first bed:

  • 4 in 1: freestanding cradle, co-sleeper, Moses basket and travel cradle
  • Co-sleeping: Sleeping safely together
  • Accessible from both sides due to foldable sides
  • Transparent sides enabling view and ventilation
  • Safe bridge between parental bed and Bednest
  • Cold or reflux? A Bednest can be placed slanted
  • Bednest will fit any bed, box spring or slatted
  • A Bednest can be set-up within a minute without the use of tools
  • Easy to reposition, take along and store flat
  • Sides can be detached and washed

The dimensions of the mattress are: length 82 cm, 37 cm and thickness 4 cm

The dimensions of the box are 89.4 cm x 51.5 cm x 27 cm with a total weight of about 17 kg


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